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Lost Transport: Now in Cinemas!

"Outstanding!" Berliner Morgenpost

The gripping war drama "Lost Transport" is now playing in theaters! Inspired by true events surrounding a liberated deportation train, director Saskia Diesing delivers an unprecedented female perspective on the end of World War 2: Three women - a Jewish Dutch woman, a young German woman and a Russian sniper - defy differing sensibilities to stick together in an extreme situation. A strongly acted tribute to women's resilience as well as a timeless story about humanity and forgiveness!


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Lost Transport: Successful premiere in Niedersachsen

On April 20, the gripping war drama "Lost Transport" celebrated its Niedersachsen-premiere at the Casablanca Kino in Oldenburg. Special guest was actress Anna Bachmann.

wfilm_der verlorene zug_premie  

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Lost Transport: sold-out premiere in Aachen

An auspicious start: On April 19, the gripping war drama "Lost Transport" celebrated its premiere in the presence of the film team at the sold-out Apollo Kino in Aachen.

wfilm_der verlorene zug_premie

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Commemoration of Benjamin Ferencz

W-FILM commemorates the lawyer Benjamin Ferencz, who died on April 7 at the age of 103. He once made a name for himself as chief prosecutor in the Nuremberg Einsatzgruppen trial against the SS murder gangs. Until his old age he fought tirelessly against war crimes around the world. The documentary film "A Man Can Make A Difference" (2015) is a powerful memorial to this fascinating and inspiring personality.




LOST TRANSPORT: Premieres with film team in Aachen & Oldenburg

On April 19, the gripping post-war drama from a female perspective "Lost Transport" will celebrate its German premiere at the Apollo Cinema in Aachen!


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